qualquer coisa de bonito. : )

you remind me a west side story
...love story.
with a beautiful princess
(and a beautiful/cute, sexy prince)
and the princess is so cute
well...she is she!
but she lives so far away...
he promess to go vistit her
and she promess to go with him to a summer fest
...they look happy!
and he loves to see her smile.
he love the way she winks,
and how she does a cat/tiger impression.
he's falling!
and she lies and say that he is cute too.
(i'm not lying!)
and he wants to listen her singing.
and her playing guitar.
he never had listen her but he knows that her voice is amazing.
and i don't know how this story continues...
but i want to follow it till the end.
and i hope that there is no end in the end!
with love JC

(obrigado por nao me fazeres pensar em certas coisas, coisas más e tristes)

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