Yes, I push doors when that clearly say pull. 
I laugh harder when I try to explain why I'm laughing. 
I walk into a room and forget why I was there or what I was going to do. 
I still count on my fingers sometimes. 
I sing in the bathroom. I'm always humming. 
I make and drink tea every day. 
I lie sometimes to hide the pain. 
I daydream. 
I like boy's things, but i'm feminine. 
I love spending the day just walking
Sometimes I wake up at 2 am just to hear music. 
I'm addicted to music. 
I love beach. 
I sing a lot and speak english when im drunk. 
I'm [a little] perfectionist, persistant and crazy
I hate falsehood, egoism and lies...and math. 
I'm the black sheep of the family. 
I hate cry and see me crying.
 I have a strong vision of me, but i fall sometimes. 
I always fight for my dreams. 
Sometimes i cant sleep, even when im tired.
 I pass some nights just thinking...
I do not like the distance, but I try to believe that 
if it exists, is for some reason. 
I love confidence, love, peace, the truth, fidelity, adrenaline,
 sports, apples, converse all stars the sky, listen music with eyes closed,
 sleep, have funbeing with my friends... 
I love my mom, my friends, my boyfriend, my cat and my guitars. 
I love when someone sing to me. 
I love when someone calls me.
I have many friends but the truth is that only 5/6 are true and I can trust. ~
I say "it's okay" when is not. 
I forgive, even when(...)but i never forget.
 I don't fall in love so fast, but when that happens i give all. 
I always have my phone in my hands (or closer of me), 
because i need keep contact with people i love and miss...
I wish for forever everyday. 
I wait for the day...
I do 273 km to see a smile, to feel a touch. 
I do it for love
I always fight to be happy. 
And I don't know what more I can say, or why i said this ... 
but this is not me, it's just a little bit ;)

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  1. tantas palavras para te descrever quando podias utilizar apenas uma...